Federal Student Loan Forgiveness: Benefits and Requirements

Benefits and Requirements of Federal Student Loans

When considering the conditions and advantages of student debt forgiveness, you must put out the effort to assess your alternatives to choose the one that best suits your needs, your financial situation, and your way of life. Let’s explore the requirements and pros of applying for a student loan forgiveness program.RequirementsBefore you seek this repayment … Read more

According to a study, half of college students are falling behind in finishing a bachelor’s degree within five years as student loan forgiveness approaches.

College Students Are Falling Behind in Finishing a Bachelors Degree

This study also points out that half of the college students must catch up in their first year to graduate in four years. There is a disparity between gender and racial/ethnic groups. And the average student will not finish a degree in even five years.But there may be yet another fact that helps to explain … Read more